Why unison is so much loved?

Why do we feel happy in unison?

Why do we fight then in unison?

Why do we heal in unison?

Why do we seal in unison?

Some scientific or spiritual theory governs the togetherness of living entities. We are placed in an environment where besides human kingdom lies many a million and zillion phalanx of other species. This most probably is not a purposeless placement . It has in it the formula to translate the ever meandering  smile of ours to a zeal which there by is capable of bringing as much blush as has a smile imbued with love.

And yes you have caught me redhanded juggling words . Probably I am repeating the set of information already known . But do not you like replacing your old bathtub with a new one for old one might start leaking anytime without giving you a notice.

Imagine a world where there is no one else to see but only you yourself. I wish a terrorist to be attacked by this thought . Will he enjoy it or will he dread it? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know? Though chances of former are more , but still wouldnt it be interesting to gauge their innocence?

The moment you let this thought enter your “self”, the thoughts of life being a ‘triviality in its entirety’ might attack you. But but but , you ought not bring them as the thought merely has the purpose of provoking you .

Now that you have imagined yourself as the only lonely soul , envision the planets connected through a sluice and each planet with as much population as earth has. Will it become more interesting ? For NASA, definitely ,as they would have something in “real” to communicate with and not just dust and smoke to which they have done hitherto.

But will it for you ,me and your soul and my soul? Do not you cherish this balance rendered upon you , me and your soul and my soul , the balance in the idea of the presence of just as much people as one needs.

And do not the interrogation pops up inside you when the realization dawns and says ,”am I not provided and fused with just as much people as I need to”. In other words just the right people, at right time and at right place.

“Form” governs our universe . It is the “real” that we yearn for and it is the body which makes it really real.  ‘Balance’ is the word  which comes under the header “conditions apply” of the pact called life.

Many things in life seem amazing. But ain’t this ‘balance and form’ hypothesis seems more than amazing and more than provocative.

Why unison is so much loved?

Why do we feel happy in unison?

Why do we fight then in unison?

Why do we heal in unison?

Why do we seal in unison?

May be because all of us are destined to converge in UNISON.


2 thoughts on “UNISON

  1. Unlike the descrates who talk about subject object dichotomy n thus an interaction between the components,our Indian philosophy talks about a fusion…or in your words unison…
    All of us rather than being an object or tool to fulfil a particular purpose…r a part of the pusrpose itself we r the purpose…we r the reason…we r the medium…we r all BRAHM

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