Disclaimer-This is not an attempt to harm beautician’s income.

Artificial beautification is at the forefront these days. Parlours are doing best business ever. World economy might fall and succumb to its injuries but BEAUTY BUSINESS , no way; potent enough to sweep off all practicalities.

Why is the quest to move from natural to artificial so amusing and enchanting ?

Incidentally, in the name of development, attaining knowledge and fulfilling our requirements we started with a series of activites whose geometric progression seems to have repercussions, culminating at human body ,mind and soul. In this text I will try to explore the connotations of those activities- whose main aim is to move over and above innate characterstics- on what us humans look like.

Birth followed by years of livelihood is chased by death which is preceded by old age. In old age almost all the members of human breed zero in on to their childhood characteristics. That is to say we come back to our original form . This shows that our stubbornness to look what we are not born like finds no claim and standing in front of nature’s weild. Through these many years of livelihood, naturality tries to pull us back from the trance and wiring of the artificial beautification. But while death reaches to entrap us on its stipulated time we are still found mired in the hypothesis “look good, feel good”.

Why don’t we change it to “clean good ,feel good”.

Why is it difficult to grow with bodily characterstics bestowed upon he/she by his or her circumstances? Why is it difficult to grow with minimal required cleaning?

And then why this pressure to look amazing takes a toll over us and we are found knocking the beautician’s door. Why aren’t we satisfied with our natural make up?

While many of us would argue that a visit to beautician gives satisfaction, confidence and happiness . But weren’t we born with these . Why is it embarrassing for a guy if he doesn’t match the characteristics of a Greek God and why an overgrown eyebrow or upperlip makes a girl feel shameful of herself. How the painful experience of getting one’s hairs off is found to be so appealing? Or going to the length of using LASER to prevent hair growth or using thousands of beauty products in the name of cleaning captivates us? why are we in the quest of making ourselves what we are not?

Why soap cleaning is just not enough? (haha)

How does this question “that you look beautiful right now, get married before the beauty shed off”, finds entry into our realm of thoughts?Why pre-bridal and bridal , pre-groom and groom make up earning lakhs ? Why the concept of ideal beauty is found entrenched in us?

Many guys do not hit gym for the sake of fitness but to have six pack abs of Shahrukh Khan. Many gals enter parlours to convert into an ideal apsara who is fairer (bleaching) who has no hair (waxing) who has perfectly shaped eyebrows(threading) etc.

The answer to all this might lie in the fact that “we want acceptance” and a kind of mild or extreme ostracization may be faced by those who do not match the standards of a grown up community , of a community which many a times in the wake of doing business doesn’t allow people to grow with their natural innocence , with their natural characterstics and circumstances.


5 thoughts on “RANG ROOP-DHOOP CHAON

  1. why did humans evolve from wearing natural leaves to wearing synthetic man-made clothes? why not just walk around barefoot than boosting the footwear industry??
    make-up is an individual’s preference just like any other thing. some cant live without it, some cant live with it…acceptance by others is not the only thing.. acceptance by one’s own self is something too 🙂

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