Though us humans can never (though some of you may) deny the fun and frolic associated with ‘dumb charades’, we can never(and I am sure this time…….to run for my life for such opening lines) fully acknowledge the abscence of words(right words). Can we translate this into the proposition that though “gestures” form a major part of our conversation we cannot deny the disaster a mistake in deciphering those gestures can bring upon?

For some (and for all of us at one point or another) Deciphering Gestures could be one of the most nerve-racking activity. Everybody knows when does it become nerve-racking because everybody has openly or in closed chambers Laughed Out Loud with voiceless comedy of Mr.Bean. Do not censure me for making proclamations but this text cannot go without them. Good Luck for further reading!

So let us first rise in order to confer upon our mothers trophies for all the reasons in this world, most important of them being able to understand needs of a wordless and in unfortunate cases a voiceless infant.

Coming back to the disasters and to individuals who always find themselves scratching there heads while trying there best to figure out what led to turning of there planet upside down which was until now, according to there resources, circular.

NOW you have conferred trophies and NOW you have also got excited about the people with LICE in their heads so NOW you go to sleep with these trophies, lice and Cipher Decipher trick to make you jump out of your sofas, chairs, beds or toilet seats. Oh YES! don’t you know some people do networking on toilet seats as well and some people do try to scratch there heads , I mean DECIPHER GESTURES on toilet seats.

Some inner voice asks me to run for my life (gesturing towards first sentence)…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……. 😀


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