Have you ever while reading a book or watching a movie gone to an extent of praying,

          “Oh God! Please save my hero”?

Racing heartbeats, sudden smiles, running eyes or may be even noses, urge to know what next, usually determine success of stories. If you are an aesthetic ANT then it is probable that you enjoy this surge of emotions with complete detachment. Attachment with characters, meaning those clasped hands praying for an eternal life of too much loved characters bear symbolic resemblance with ANTS glued upon sugar. Only a gush of water can save these souls   i.e. to say only a calamity like nature’s call or nature’s aggressive call can save our hero fixed ants. Aggressive call ….. ahem…. probably is the only thing which can lead to rocketing out of ant’s antennas. This call makes our ant slip out of the cinema hall or book but to get signals for antennas collection centre  s/he ought to move a bit farther from the area of power packed action.

In other words I was thinking..

How directors or artists are able to circumscribe themselves from their work and apply all the logic in the world to their work which attracts some of us to an extent where attraction converts into attachment?

This is the only question of the hour. INTENSE INVOLVEMENT without involvement.. how is it possible?

P.S:- I include myself in ANTS glued upon sugar.



  1. I think that is what separates a puppeteer from an audience… one has the power to play GOD and the others are at the mercy of the illusion thus created

  2. I guess u can’t.. unless you are the puppeteer. That aside , the only other scenario would be when the show did not hold any promise.

  3. Its just a matter of observation and practice… and i will tell you how.
    have u noticed an artist or an actor getting better with age? at first the artist/actor/author feels the agony or whatever be the feeling just like any other bystander. then he tries to copy it,he realizes,he is not good. goes back to scene(in head/reality) observes the difference. tries tries tries..soon he’s perfect!

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