Humans are cliched entities. What do you think about this claim?

We(all humans; any MarsIANS here?) actually might enter the realm of cliche if inquisitiveness were to decide in positive upon the idea of abandoning us. Over the centuries we have been thinking about the SAME life while trying to improvise our standards to live it. This improvisation attempt impels us to talk about and walk around so many innovative things and ideas.

But then every innovative idea almost always is destined to become cliched though not before its overusage is ensured.

So does that mean as the scheme of things goes for human life same goes for innovations by humans? Does that mean while attempting to comfort our souls or bodies(which is probably the actual case), while trying to use God’s(natural) resources to avail as much contentment as possible and while trying to establish our supremacy, every idea of ours follows the skeleton path devised by Him who denies all our proposals and attempts to come out of uncountable shrouds ,viels and God knows what other things, the idea on which human life is based? Does that mean these attempts promote buoyancy of the flowchart: birth–>living plus improvisation upon cliches—>old age—>death? This path it seems floats upon the surface of both human life and human ideas. Again does that mean we are (though inadvertent) thieves?

Let us put rest to rest and applaud Inquisitiveness for it being able to acquire eligibility for its categorisation under the tag titled ‘Best Present (gift gift) Faculty’.


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