Kabir was observing that Red Light which turned off three or four times before he attained the freedom of so much wished non-stop movement only to be met by another in less than a kilometer. By any existing and required standards moral or immoral he wasn’t armed enough to drive atop rest of the vehicles in order to reach his destination.

Witnessing traffic snarls in Delhi is very common. N number of thoughts can strike one while standing in a queue of N number of vehicles. Fortunately Kabir got stuck(struck) with one only.

So rather than biting nails his mind took a leave to consider that Red Light as all the blah-blah-blah things he intended to achieve in his life. Blah-blah-blah equals success,prosperity,happiness,money,spiritual peace, love,friendships, BLISS. And I know you must have already imagined the next statement. But I still state that rest of them in queue were not merely objects, not merely vehicles but vehicles containing fellow beings like Kabir himself.

He felt irritated. Playfully his mind asked him to kick the butt of one vehicle ahead of him if not of all of them.

Since there was merely any distance between them, pushing one just ahead of him could have created a whole lot of ruckus ,not only for him but also for rest of the community there and about to come there. When pushing one ahead of him was liable to cause such brouhaha what fate was he destined to if he took out even one step to ride atop them.

He really wished to reach that Red Light in a fraction of second and was ready to wear above his pants you know what(Shaktimaan…Shaktimaan…Superman…Superman) to achieve that feat. While his fantasies moved from S..S..S..S..Supershaktimaan to Harry Potter’s flying car to ultimately his dole-shole(biceps-triceps) the Red Light turned Green once again.. 🙂


2 thoughts on “KABIR IN THE CITY

  1. An attempt to control this situation led lakhs of people commute by metro (on 10 August 2013 number reached 25lakh). However, I was trying to drive across philosophy. I wanted to say that while endeavouring to reach a goal one should not overlook his/her responsibilities and morals.(hope I didn’t sound preachy :D)

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