It’s 27/12/2013. Tomorrow marks the beginning of last weekend of year 2013. What is the feeling?How was it all? Do you want to relive 2013 or do you want to broom it out? Do fill out your answers in the comment section below.

Year starts with resolutions;

Ending it with some confessions

Will give me some lines and sentences for this post… 😀

This is going to be an honest post. I will try to make some reading and writing confessions.


So, 2013 saw me reading… emm turn over pages of several books but completing only four novels and five plays.

The problem I faced while reading was that I saw myself soaked into the plot, the story, the characters. Though I did not sob with them, I did feel their agony and I guess my hormone levels fluctuated according to what went on in the timeline. And seriously I wondered at those who complete an 800 page novel in one or two nights. That is why I wrote that post titled “Intense Involvement”.

The bold confession(confessions are always bold unless and until they are predictable ; confessions are always predictable) here is that I started many books but since they were just too much for me, I asked them to wait for me to grow up. So some of them are safe in my closet and some of them like Alchemist , The Last Lecture are still nourishing their pristine covers and are garnishing my closet as I placed them on hold when I found out most of what was written inside them, too obvious.(Though I am predilected towards forgetting that what is obvious and need it almost every instant.)

Let me name few of those lucky ones which got the honour of being completed.

Novels completed:-

1) Heart of Darkness- Joseph Conrad

2) Sons and Lovers- D.H.Lawrence

3) Hard Times- Charles Dickens

4) Tom Jones- Henry Fielding

I found myself so much challenged to read Heart of Darkness that today I remember only the word Darkness and the opening line “The Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor without a flutter of the sails, and was at rest” of the book.

Sons and Lovers was amazing. I didn’t know there existed something called Oedipus Complex before reading this one. It was complex and had an air which told me,”accepting natural, innovative tendencies of human mind,body and soul ought to be the law of the land”. But yes this book led me to ask myself more questions than ever. It inculcated in me acceptance and flexibility.

Hard Times was found somehow synonymous with present situation in our city,Delhi.

And then came Tom Jones. I just loved this book for it was highly coherent topped up with amazing rhetoric and eloquence. The feeling to save Tom Jones (save our hero) again added to the composition of this ‘Intense Involvement’ blogpost.

Dramas Completed

1) A Midsummer Night’s Dream

2) Accidental Death of an Anarchist

3) Pygmalion

4) Playboy of the Western World

5) Waiting for Godot

I have got some views on Drama as well but allow me to save them for another post. Let me concentrate on confessions in this one.


So now next in line are writing confessions. Confession number one is that all my blogposts hitherto are written out of passion. And here passion means too much involvement with the craft and topic of writing. This led to racing heartbeat whenever I picked up my pen and most of the time blunders in compositions. So, I plan to resolve out this issue. Secondly, I almost always wished to imitate the writing style of edit page of Times of India or the rhetoric of honchos. I mean I loved styling my writing. But I now want my writing to be free because probably, styling gave my writing a confused trumpet. I guess that is why many people found it just too bad. Lesson learnt: honest writing is best writing, show off writing is worst writing. Thirdly, I have been procrastinating grammar and punctuation lessons since ages. Oh God! I need some one to motivate me on this one.

I started this post with the promise of honest confessions and ending it with a resolution, with a promise to deliver good writing give me some kind of HAJMOLA satisfaction.

Wish me goodluck.. 🙂 .. I wish Bliss to all of you.

Let us welcome 2014.Cheers!


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