I wonder how writing ideas suddenly pop out. They can volcano out of a television show, a picture, a fly, a badminton racket, a duster, a phone, an interview, literally anything. But the speed with which they tend to get extinguished is also mind blowing. I mean within a fraction of second one can be left only with the headline out of a swarm of sentences. I find this situation synonymous to being atleast left with the pocket after facing a pickpocket attempt. But the word hope communicates the option of refilling that pocket.

And today my pocket says:-


unconventional in 1666, more than conventional by 2013 

So let me start filling it up. Let us see how far I go.

It was told by a Professor that in middle ages bathing in general was a public activity (men & women together). A manuscript illumination shows that it was such a common thing that noble figures around are not even taking note of it. It was not considered weird then. But today we have a sense of individuality and privacy.




When we talk of conventionality what comes into our mind: preguided tour for life and assosciated things or something that is accepted by large number of people. For instance medicines are the remedy for disease. For instance birthdays ought to be celebrated. For instance logic can gift success in life. For instance success is reflection of satisfaction and happiness. For instance materialism or spiritualism is the measure of happiness.

Unconventional can be said to happen when something imaginary enters one’s head and refuse to take leave until the forced host makes it come alive. Like we have made cars, we do try to prevent pollution created by them, we have the ability to renovate after destroying things. We have made Lagaan/Titanic/Avatar/Sholay. To satisfy our curiosity laden desires we made a trip to mars, we experimented to find out God particle.

Conventions are provided to us via a basic How to Guide first by our parents, then by school and then by society. It is thought that to know conventions is important. Rightly so, as unconventional can prop out only after conventional database is known.

Records show that those who do not follow the rule book either reach zenith or drown deep into the unknown zone. In other words unconventionalists on first encounter with the world are presented either with 100% acceptance or 100% rejection. It depends on the immediate visual profit that the idea can generate. Only on secondary, tertiary, quarternary…centenary encounter do they get the honour of  belonging to conventions. And the unconventional idea which is observed to have zero dividend value appears to many weird, impossible, impractical and out of place resulting in rejection.

But if the host of the idea has been pinched and nagged more than a threshold level by the idea , the idea gets too much worked upon. It gets to get cultivated, polished, embellished ultimately leading to emission of visible rays. So, the invincible rays of this shine cross the non-acceptance barricades and weird gets to see the light of the day.

And hence the unconventional becomes conventional with the passage of time.

Does that mean conventional or unconventional doesn’t have a permanent definition?


Does that mean weird is the new conventional/weird is the old unconventional?

PS:- The words unconventional and conventional entered my head after watching Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao episode of Koffee With Karan. 😀


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