A Plea


Don’t write,

Don’t write

Was asserted

Yesterday,day before yesterday and many days before yesterday.


Ever since the conception

Imposed a ban on lexiconic creation.

Exposition and exhibition of mental faculties and

Sentimental idiosyncracies could erupt out of your text.

This warning






Many of us.

But assertions and impositions

Strengthens the power of opposition.

Living in a den is easy; how many tools you need?

Oral tradition forefathers died in days gone by

Yearning to read and write

To understand their forefathers’ context.

Pledge with me

To leave some legacy

For 3G psychologists, psychiatrists, language scientists and

sociologists, literary scholars, anthropologists and biologists….

Know Keats and his context through his writing,

Chaucer and his context through his writing,

Bhagwad Gita

Through writing.

All ‘action’ is preserved through writing.

Kejriwal is recording himself through writing.

Catastrophes, strophes came down to us through

Reading and writing.

Runes: product of imagination, grace or intellect

Reaped benefits through

Reading and writing.

Study of mankind is man itself

and best pursued via

 Actors : Imaginative writers plus

Users : Imaginative readers.

Writing is Sahitya.

Read those labor laden books

Because context in original is presented best in text

For oral tradition is long gone by

Write my child Write

Safeguard your thoughts before they die.


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