Address To Conservativeness (to men & women)

‘Tamer’ is the noun they want to be addressed by.

They suppose business titled ‘Authority’

Require nourishment from their territory.

Their so called ‘Protection’

Becomes cryptic to ______

Decipher who?

Riddle will be above lines


No One

I suppose

As this story has been here

On this planet

Since ancient times.

Another clue you may add: They want to circumscribe their fellow breed.

But remember as well some of their breed are quiet meek

As they say clever is One

Who placed snakes & ladders both in the theatre called life.

And so till the time you analyse I further analogise

Systems like support to sea-saw rides;

I further my message to Men:

Nobody needs taming,

Power lies in power to

Create, recreate & procreate,

Power lies in power of

Creation, recreation & procreation,

And that who made thee

Gave enough power to ‘She’

As well

And equally shrewd is she as is he

As they say clever is One

Who made equals showering upon some visual

And upon some not so visual


Who whispered to either support or report

To One who claims you are complete in yourself

To be addressed your own King or Queen.


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