Darling Days

It has been long that I posted. My few, dear readers, this is to announce that now I am an official student of literature–the Sahitya. And this post of mine is intended to share how does it feel to be one.

Honestly, I think I am experiencing pure magic. I had only anticipated that exercising one’s mind could be so pleasurable. Taking flight of fancy is not prohibited here, though we are asked to stay grounded. And yes, all this might seem exaggerated, but then what to do if one falls in love with hyperboles.

I question myself time and again: what does it take to gift oneself and others a smile? No, no, don’t  worry I am not going to get preachy, I just wanted to share that how nothingness attacks one time and again, and how one sometimes yearn for the order in her life and how she wishes to save her day by meeting someone who could harmonise her disordered atomic composition.

May be yearning is a state of mind like everything else, but the solid fact is that it is palpable. It is in the air but this air can enter one’s being and make like it itself is, everything fluid inside her. I don’t know whether I wish to get across this yearning but this much I am sure of that this is fluidity has in it a rainbow and this rainbow is one of the most amazing things I have ever encountered.


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