Complacency is a Disease: An Acerbic Note

Almost everyday, on my way, I see a dead body wrapped in white waiting for its turn to turn into ashes. Some elder readers might find this beginning utterly clichéd and to some younger ones, it may sound depressing. But however much clichéd or depressing it might seem to be, almost always a crematorium ground is found capable of arising in one few questions: clichéd, depressing or agitating ones.

I am writing this post because honestly I feel agitated when a hardworking day labourer goes to bed without getting his due. And because the infectious fever allows some in the system to earn lakhs for doing nothing or for doing everything for themselves and not for the context or society they are embedded in; not for the society from which they derive their so called individuality. It is this disease which ought be weeded out. And precisely I wish to talk about education system in our country. While there are many teachers who work day in and day out for their students, (I have met such teachers. In fact I have a friend who prepares for her students as if she is to face world cup finals and impressive is the fact that she does that everyday.) there are others who give way to all the complacency inducing ingredients.

Agreed, binaries are inevitable. But do we need such binaries. Agreed that in every system there are few best, some mediocre and some not so good workers. But then wouldn’t it be great if those not so good ones find out what actually they are good at. Everybody has to anyhow ultimately wrap that crematorium white; so wouldn’t it be great if everyone finds out what they are good at doing rather than constipating the system; rather than wrapping the crematorium white much before their due.

Our system is in dire need of passionate workers.

Now, passion is when one is keen on passing to future generations what life taught them and it lies in stimulating minds of students to move ahead of bibliography and citations. When one realises that the original subject is life and not the pedantic alphabetical letters ( though alphabets might themselves contain a lot of life); when ‘why and how’ of things is clear to children, guardians, mentors, teachers.

Those who cause weeding, stagnation, constipation ultimately procreate stink. Hence thwarting the very aim of life: to study life. Who is interested in stink by the way? The answer would be ‘no one’. But at many places, institutions we are precisely involved in creating stink. And those who work to weed out that stink ultimately go to bed empty stomach.

We are interested in maintaining bodies; stinking bodies ( stink of complacency ).

There is definitely everybody’s truth but then truth is palatable when it smells good. Repetition and redundancy allergize the whole system if used beyond threshold. Life lies in attempting to make things beautiful. I know, this is much too clichéd than the beginning but life’s very nature is imbued with dissident contents which pulls us back from fragrance. And by being constipated, we will find ourselves standing in the same lane as those dissidents.

In this context, I unabashedly proclaim ( is proclaiming bad by the way?) :

Commitment perpetuates conviction; complacency is involved in perpetuation of constipation ( and constipation stinks).


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