Welcoming 2015





Yesterday near my veranda this stray dog barked






A kid who is usually seen conversing with him asked

Him to Shut Up!

He did listen

But asked himself,  ‘did I listen?’

After few seconds of breathing

He again started sneezing






Child requested this time,

‘Please my dear Keep Mum for sometime,

Tomorrow I have to speak about you,

Your credentials; I have to anatomize you.

Hence today I have to


The technique

To keep our secret Shut Up, Speak Up talk secret.

So Shut Up,

Don’t talk to me,

Don’t provoke me

Tomorrow I have to


My living;

Tomorrow morning I ought to be factual

So that tomorrow evening we can feed our secret talk with amazing victuals.



Humans are cliched entities. What do you think about this claim?

We(all humans; any MarsIANS here?) actually might enter the realm of cliche if inquisitiveness were to decide in positive upon the idea of abandoning us. Over the centuries we have been thinking about the SAME life while trying to improvise our standards to live it. This improvisation attempt impels us to talk about and walk around so many innovative things and ideas.

But then every innovative idea almost always is destined to become cliched though not before its overusage is ensured.

So does that mean as the scheme of things goes for human life same goes for innovations by humans? Does that mean while attempting to comfort our souls or bodies(which is probably the actual case), while trying to use God’s(natural) resources to avail as much contentment as possible and while trying to establish our supremacy, every idea of ours follows the skeleton path devised by Him who denies all our proposals and attempts to come out of uncountable shrouds ,viels and God knows what other things, the idea on which human life is based? Does that mean these attempts promote buoyancy of the flowchart: birth–>living plus improvisation upon cliches—>old age—>death? This path it seems floats upon the surface of both human life and human ideas. Again does that mean we are (though inadvertent) thieves?

Let us put rest to rest and applaud Inquisitiveness for it being able to acquire eligibility for its categorisation under the tag titled ‘Best Present (gift gift) Faculty’.


Aliens have been doing the rounds of our knowledge base since the day we started Thinking. For some of us they are exciting; for rest of us they inspire dread. While for some of us the feelings assosciated with them are Question Marks, for others they are Exclamation Marks. War is when all of this excitement, dread, marks etc. decide to go for a rendezvous. And a high frequency of these meetings ensure that nobody gets time to get rid of his/her set of feelings. Telling you the venue or instances or people involved in these meetings might help you get rid of this ensuing riddle.

I suppose encountering these at all innovative platforms is a common thing but for your sake I will be brief and start with a common encounter and that is between generationally gapped individuals. Many a times a parent or grandparent thinks of the world of their children as something new or Alien and children think of their guardian as archaic or Alien. While some encounters find this alien-alien thing interesting and entities involved are ready to plunge into their respective alien lands, at other places dread and fear keeps people off from each other.

At times we find an alien within ourselves as at many other times we find aliens without. Alien thoughts, alien food, alien toys, alien lands , alien innovations are time and again subjected to become our nourishment. That is , though something presented as foreign on any kind of proscenium is entitled to witness this mental war between all kinds of feelings and all kinds of people , human race’s job inevitably is to welcome with open hands and hearts all things new, old, weird , alien and entertain these meetings much more frequently in order to redeem tickets of another feeling called Amusement. .. 😀

‘Fear of Being Loved’



Togetherness flourishes when it is fed with freedom and if this is true the word F.R.I.E.N.D can be de-abbreviated to Freedom and Independence Enhancing Drug .

Two individuals gel up or get along well, most of the time, for the sake of their respective interests and those interests may be implicate or explicate . And to those humans who are novice to the World Family (Vasudev Kutumb) that interest is found to be termed very commonly as ‘LOVE’.

Hmmmm LOVE !

I am telling you its definition will never show up to the surface .

Ok!! So let us go the Aristotelian way then.

Emm that means , we should first try defining the word and then classify it. (No ,No ,I ain’t lecturing)

LOVE :- #$%^&*()!@#$%^&*()!@#$^&**&^%$@@@@


Let me try again .



Classification :-

1) Mother love

2) Father love

3) Brother love

4) Sister love

5) Nuptial love

6) Niece love

7) Friend love

8) Human-Human love

9) Etc-Etc love

We try to dwell in these forms of love for the sake of happiness , support and some things that will never let us fall.

Remember human being’s sense of happiness ,support lies in his own freedom. I didn’t say that, human beings did.

Now humans place boundations at the very start of these love based contraptions , ahem! relationships. No ,NO not all of us but many of us . May be they are not boundations but general requirements , but these are fast becoming the central theme of our relationships.

Let me make you count some :-

  1. Transformation from the idea of knowing someone to the idea of controlling someone.
  2. Transformation from the idea of being happy to being satiated.
  3. Transformation from the idea of feelings (emotions) to the idea of standard love i.e. to define the characteristics of the one who will become the fortunate receiver of someone’s ‘THE’ love.

Human beings love being leaders and since some of us or most of us are not armed well to control our fates , we find it really enticing to pull the reins of somebody else’s life . And many a times the one trying to pull it doesn’t even know that he is pulling it to stifle out the horse.

And then we really try to standardize the one who will be worthy of our love .

I tell you we are leading such demanding lives that ruling out the presentation of the one we are roaming around with is ‘NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE’ . Right ! Popular culture .By God!! Remember only presentation ha …. The creature who has got the privilege to stand beside you has no right whatsoever upon his/her own identity . OK OK enough is enough . Please don’t ask me to kowtow now.

So for instance,

Implicate in parents’ wish is the fact that they want their children to become epitome of perfection

Implicate in a friend’s wish is the fact that he/she wants their friend to be exactly like them .

Implicate in a boyfriend’s wish is the fact that he wants a first hand ,beauteous , smart, intelligent, all rounder, hymen intact girlfriend.

Implicate in a girlfriend’s wish is the fact that she wants a smart , intelligent, humorous, all rounder boyfriend . Don’t forget richness and ah! How can I miss Lamborghini . Sorry ha ,sorry !

Implicate in many of us’s wishes is the fact that we want everything and everyone to move according to what will comfort us .

And in order to accomplish that we many a times become totally ignorant of the fact that polishing and greasing only one wheel of the cart, that is us, only ourselves, will become useless the moment other wheels start wearing out.

Now, there are times when people do feel like breaking away from some or the other relationship . And when the urge to satiate one’s self goes out of control that feeling asks him/her to become a loner .

Try to behold the trap here.

Is it all about hormones or is it all about star dust that constitutes us ? Probably it is about Implicate Order Theory by David Bohm .

(Again lecturing . Oho! that’s my implicate wish )

Probably David Bohm wants to convey that it seems that we are explicate- like our fingers think that they are different from each other, that firing of one of them has nothing to do with the other- but actually we constitute a larger purpose , we constitute ‘The One’ ; firing of one of the fingers will affect its neighbours equally and hence ultimately ’The Hand’.

So all these love forms have an immense potential to ALWAYS BLOSSOM and an immense potential to make one or the other party extremely FEARFUL of the other.

Wishes ,Deceptions or Nature .

Choice(wish) is ours.


Why unison is so much loved?

Why do we feel happy in unison?

Why do we fight then in unison?

Why do we heal in unison?

Why do we seal in unison?

Some scientific or spiritual theory governs the togetherness of living entities. We are placed in an environment where besides human kingdom lies many a million and zillion phalanx of other species. This most probably is not a purposeless placement . It has in it the formula to translate the ever meandering  smile of ours to a zeal which there by is capable of bringing as much blush as has a smile imbued with love.

And yes you have caught me redhanded juggling words . Probably I am repeating the set of information already known . But do not you like replacing your old bathtub with a new one for old one might start leaking anytime without giving you a notice.

Imagine a world where there is no one else to see but only you yourself. I wish a terrorist to be attacked by this thought . Will he enjoy it or will he dread it? Wouldn’t it be interesting to know? Though chances of former are more , but still wouldnt it be interesting to gauge their innocence?

The moment you let this thought enter your “self”, the thoughts of life being a ‘triviality in its entirety’ might attack you. But but but , you ought not bring them as the thought merely has the purpose of provoking you .

Now that you have imagined yourself as the only lonely soul , envision the planets connected through a sluice and each planet with as much population as earth has. Will it become more interesting ? For NASA, definitely ,as they would have something in “real” to communicate with and not just dust and smoke to which they have done hitherto.

But will it for you ,me and your soul and my soul? Do not you cherish this balance rendered upon you , me and your soul and my soul , the balance in the idea of the presence of just as much people as one needs.

And do not the interrogation pops up inside you when the realization dawns and says ,”am I not provided and fused with just as much people as I need to”. In other words just the right people, at right time and at right place.

“Form” governs our universe . It is the “real” that we yearn for and it is the body which makes it really real.  ‘Balance’ is the word  which comes under the header “conditions apply” of the pact called life.

Many things in life seem amazing. But ain’t this ‘balance and form’ hypothesis seems more than amazing and more than provocative.

Why unison is so much loved?

Why do we feel happy in unison?

Why do we fight then in unison?

Why do we heal in unison?

Why do we seal in unison?

May be because all of us are destined to converge in UNISON.