The Sacred Pumpkin-The Sacred Job: Peepli Live- A Must Watch

Peepli Live depicts very impactfully a distorted understanding of the idiom, “Survival of the Fittest” by the media. While the phrase’s original meaning came out of the natural context, satirical representation of the working style of media in the movie makes us aware of the artificial context in which this badge is worn by its official associates.

G.B.Shaw’s Theory of Life-force directly or indirectly governs the Theory of Survival of the Fittest. Life-Force is the ultimate power. It governs a poor farmer as well as a media professional. But, one who tries to satiate his primary needs via that force is justified in his actions when compared to someone who claims : This is our job, this is what we do(unsaid though is , this is what we do to increase TRPs), if you cannot handle this, try something else..( dialogue in the movie by a journalist when she was asked why can’t they cover an ailing farmer who earns Rs20 by selling digged up earth, who has equal potential to depict farmer-suicide-loan problem).

Life-Force drives a farmer’s family and friends and community to become numb towards the love they ve had for him in order to celebrate the capital that might come out of his death.

In the movie it is shown that for media, TRP is the only life-force, however much artificial it might seem to believe and the one with highest TRPs has the best survival potential. To populate the existing TRPs is their job. In other words, the movie somehow communicates that media as a community is interested in hoarding of wealth while advertently denying that their and their countrymen’s real wealth lies in agriculture, in the farmer who propogates that agriculture; that media considers its job sacred come what may, even if that means covering somebody’s faeces in order to represent sad state of ISF- Indian Sanitation Facilities in rural areas or in actuality to facilitate generation of ISF- Indian simplistic Finance.