From Personal to Universal: The Journey Begins

Disclaimer: Read at your own risk.

Experiences have valencies. No, this sentence is not written to indicate my background in chemistry. I have proof literature people use it too.


Valencies. Valencies turn experiences into memory. How??

I don’t know.

An experience is immortal. This is one universal truth. But why does it not die? May be cause it has got valencies. May be cause these valencies grounds them in one’s mind. What exactly are these valencies? I think or may be my educator makes me think that valencies are airy nothings, unheard melodies. Valency of an experience is something which helps in its survival, which helps in its propagation through time. They help in scribbling experiences as memories in one’s mind. They help in allocating them a space along with preexisting memories.

Anyways, let me now finally tell you why so much about experience and its “valency”. Actually, I wished to summarise one of them. Though experiences are beyond summarisation, I will try to attempt one as I am dared to dream.

Rest of the text is purely a product of my memory. And because I need material for my senile years, I ought record it here(stupid me, I joke). And may be for the juvenile reader like me, this will give a glimpse of what fabric stories are made up of.

The journey started with langda aam (amputated-mango) story. The question was why langda aam called so? And while this question culminated into the idea that we ought question common sense; that questions are the harbingers of mankind, we were also acquainted with the idea that answer is the dead end. While all this question-answer complexity surrounded us, we were simultaneously experiencing complexity without being consciously aware about it. The flag of the course unfurled the idea: complexity of awareness; awareness of complexity.

Though it is an almost impossible task, let me try to simplify the complexity I experienced. Once upon a time, a kid boarded a bus to school. On the way bus turned into Harry Potter’s flying car and then landed on Wordsworth’s lonely cloud ultimately landing in his crowd of Daffodils. In other words, the journey though seems like one of dreams, it is also its aim, it seems to help us move an inch or more towards bliss of solitude. Through indirections we are expected to find directions; to entertain, reflect and reform is our duty.

While singer of our group sang ‘jaaiye aap kahan jayenge”, I visited the land of melody. While theatre was rehearsed , I took a sigh of relief on a land away from science. While paintings were displayed, an urge asked me, “when are you going to become one with your medium, with your language?”

Gosh! This experience of transition from science to literature needs so many more words. I might write a whole book on it. Haha.

Before ciaoing, I would like to tell you that I felt so good when one of my classmates called me Hamlet. Once I had felt bad when I was addressed as Brutus. But then at that time, I didn’t know the story of Julius Caesar. So finally, I am all for Shakespeare and literary world. And I just hope I am not exaggerating. Earlier I was frustrated ¬†with my confusion but now may be I should shake hands with the thought that “true knowledge lies in eternal state of confusion.”:)

May be.

The course will go on. The journey begins!! The journey will go on.