PS: What I am going to write about constitutes human feeling and its writing over.

Especially as kids-the revolutionary kids-our cries, sadness, rebellion, happiness, erupted out of some elder trying to either discipline us or make us feel committed to something. By the way, do we not still rebel? Have we grown up yet? Have we evolved enough to let commitment or discipline seep in? Don’t we, even now, doodle and dawdle like kids and feel like giving a kick to whoever established that establishment? But then even doodling and dawdling requires a kind of commitment or discipline. Even dawdling starts slipping out of our hands as soon as the sense of stagnation seeps in, which means what we really wish to kick off is this sense of stagnation. Though human life kicks one enough to not even think about this stagnation, yet we cannot deny its seeping in, even if for few seconds. Though some proportion of our feeling is weaved out of our sense of being committed or disciplined, a portion of it is also written because we either don’t want to be committed or don’t want to be tamed by discipline. We, sometimes, want to fly without nesting or resting…which is too ambitious. Commitment or discipline is about nesting or resting; they give one roots.

It seems you don’t really agree. That’s why I will try to think about the words: discipline and commitment separately; what is there in them that aches the human soul and what can heal it. I will only try thinking about them as,

Yet all that I have learn’d
By long experience, and in famous schooles,
Is but to know my ignorance at last.
Who think themselves most wise are greatest fools.

William Alexander, Earl of Stirling

Admission as a disciple of the ‘discipline’ can do one wonders. It is definitely a challenge to become one. But then there is another word called ‘commitment’, which opens its arms again only to challenge the human spirit. Both though drive us away from procrastination one is tempted to ask: is there a difference between the two or both of them employ their energies to tame the human being? Yes, words do possess energies which constructs civilizational sensibility. Civilizational sensibility constructed by the words commitment and discipline have invariably made us confront the difference between what civilization wants of us and what we want of ourselves. Why? Why is there a difference between what civilization wants of us and what we want of ourselves? Does that mean we want to be spoiled brats and it wants us to be table mannered children? Whatever the answers to these questions, it is almost certain that discipline has in its connotation the tendency to rule while commitment means self rule. To be ruled is suffocating while to rule one’s own self for the sake of commitment is liberating. But then can we teach kids to be committed without making them undergo a rigorous discipline plan? A movement from discipline to commitment is required or should we be reared as committed beings?

I feel what arrest is to discipline, anchor is to commitment. It is in human nature to search for anchors but escape arrest. Yet, arrest, many a times makes us visit what was hitherto not visited. That means arrest is constitutive of movement but so are anchors. An anchored boat can be liberated at any point of time. Oops…are we entering into another debate… between anchoring and arresting?

But I am sure that since you are not getting any answers out of this post, you feel I must be committed or disciplined enough to provide you with some anchors. But, didn’t I arrest you for a while? :D… by the use of that PS: in beginning…


Sunday Kab Aaega? ( Eagerly Awaiting Sundays)

Sunday is the only day which wakes me up out of my week long sleep. Throughout the week I dream about dating it. It has got that something which provokes me out of my soothing procrastination bed. It is the day when I plan to live and not just exist. But the sorry state which require empathy is that execution yawns get pillioned up without any prior notice, put a break on this series and transfer all the eagerness to next sunday.

Anybody with above said feelings can take a sneek peek into the future course of this post by observing the picture below.

Now, imagine, if our government fix a compulsory random hour each day for each country men/women to make funny faces looking into somebody else’s face. Note all country men or women means all country men or women. As soon as this hour bell rings all of us should start performing this activity no matter what we are doing or where we are like, we ought to take straight positions whenever or wherever we hear our national anthem.

What you guys thinking? Chandrita has gone mad at 1:45pm….on a Sunday.

Stupid people, imagine if this proposition sees light of the day, you might be making right faces in front of your interviewer, your boss, your PhD personal instructor, your teacher, your lover, your neighbour, a stranger crush etc. etc. And most importantly you will be exercising those sleepy muscles. And since all country men includes our president, party heads etc, guess what faces Pranab Mukherjee, Mr.Modi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi etc. etcetra would make. Take for instance any one of them is standing in front of press cameras and suddenly the funny face bell goes. Just imagine the extent of humour it might create. If nothing else, for sure whole country will have for once a good laugh together. Its been long time since we worked together on something except that inconsequential corruption movement. And moreover yawn transfers might stop and you might actually get to live your Sundays.

By the way I have stopped yawning now. You may proceed. 😀

And don’t you dare say , ” Chandrita!! and you think that was funny”… as, of course, it was. 🙂