We cannot bind it in definition, so invested is the concept of eternity.

Love is when you look mad and beautiful at the same time. It is intriguing how madness and beauty can go hand in hand….ahem! may be they go hand in leg?… you see, they are madness and beauty…but we forgot method…the journey from madness to beauty is after all propelled by method. Method in madness, the Shakespearean idiom brought me to aforesaid sentence. How can one impede from coming to the mind master’s creations especially when one is talking of love.

Today, on this blog, love is when somebody makes you able enough to speak and is hell bent on doing the same yet never appears on the surface pursuing the same because the feeling dwells deep with in and refuse to embrace the affectations. And speech is what takes you to the other and to yourself. By speech, I mean conversation with yourself and with others. So, one who connects you to yourself or you to the world or you to the universe, is the one who loves you best. This is where the madness, method and beauty comes in and forth. So simple you see. Ha ha…

Let us witness a bit more simplicity of our existence

To be with in one body and not know its soul is the weirdest feeling. Everyday we wish to know it and do various activities to know it. But what if it slips out of your grip every time you attempt to understand it. That is where the other comes in. That is where you try to understand yourself through the other being and try to see yourself reflected therein.┬áBut the problem with observing your reflection in the other is that, one is many a times deceived into believing some reflection as the truest reflection. And that happens probably because of the contexts we are living in; because of the deficient measurement of how nearer are we to ourselves. Though, to come near to one’s own self one needs the other, it is the nearness to one’s own self which helps in having a clear view of the reflection in the other. So, it goes round and round and round. One may find many a reflectors…which means a part of us is in everybody of us, but some have higher proportion of us. But nobody can be us, because if somebody can be us, then the whole game of reflection ends and ensues the rusting process. In fact the one who attempts a way away from rust is really in love…with life. So you see it is in the mirrors that life sustains, yet it cannot sustain only in them. It ought deboard and board the mirror ship again and again for us to fall in love again and again and not enter the contraptions which might trap us in the rusting process.

Speech and conversation is what takes one to reflection grounds where one can observe one’s own self and connect with others. They help boarding and deboarding of the mirror ships and are instrumental in prevention of rusting process.

Let me end by saying, love is both unison and diversion; it is both similarity and dissimilarity; it is both madness and beauty. And one who lets you enter the distance between unison and diversion; similarity and dissimilarity; madness and beauty is the one who is madly in love because in that being lies the method which brings you the beauty.

So…my dear reflectors…Love you all…:)…